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R.I.P. Childhood Austin

The Austin from my childhood has officially died with Einstein's Arcade having closed its doors earlier this month..   What a very sad day this has become, when I can't walk down the street and go play games at the last place that had been on the drag since I was in middle school and high school... Sad, sad day...

For Fun... Top 5s of 2007

Top 5 Books

5. Chuck Klosterman IV - Chuck Klosterman
4. Perfect From Now On: How Indie Rock Saved My Life - John Sellers
3. World War Z - Max Brooks
2. The Looming Tower - Al Qaeda and the Road to 9-11: Lawrence Wright
1. Love is a Mix Tape - Rob Sheffield

Top 5 Albums

5. Bat For Lashes - Fur & Gold
4. The Weakerthans - Reunion Tour
3. Explosions in the Sky - All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone
2. Okkervil River - The Stage Names
1. Au Revoir Simone - The Bird of Music


I finally got my scooter!!!  A 2007 Honda Metropolitan!! It's insanely fun to ride, and only goes a max speed of 35 mph.  Which means I'll be hard pressed to ride on streets like Lamar and Guadalupe, but that makes everything safer as far as I'm concerned, it's just as powerful as an electric bike...  She is so beautiful though =D

Screech Owls

Last night, I was leaving my house to go to the guitar store when I heard a strange bird call in my yard that I hadn't heard in years...   There was SCREECH OWL in my yard! I've never seen one in the city before last night!!  I think I had heard one near my apartment a few weeks ago, but this was actually in my parent's back yard!!

here is a link to a website that has the call and pictures of the bird...  the call I heard is 'call b'

screech owl

Follow up to last post

This is her video for my favorite song of her's so far...

Great New Artist

I found out about this singer/song writer Kate Nash through the Magazine "Dazed & Confused".   I read a few things off  oink.me.uk, but I didn't really agree with what they said about her being a total rip off of Lily Allen...  They're both good, but I think they have pretty different sounds.  Anyway, if you'd like to check her out, go here

It's SNOWING!!!!

It's ACTUALLY snowing outside!! It NEVER snows in Austin, this is INSANE...

But there's not much of it out there, and it won't stick much past 2 PM, I bet...

Still really neat to see it snow in Austin, even if it is for a very short time..

UK Moon Colonies?

I just saw this video talking about a UK mission to the moon, and the possible scoping out for suitable places for a colony on the moon...

Another One Bites the Dust

I was walking down Guadalupe st. today, when I was contemplating going into Little City Coffee Shop for my studying. The people in front of me stop short, all the tables have been moved inside, and there is a huge sign on the door "(insert here name) Chinese Food Restaurant Opening Soon"

Yet another one of my favorite coffee shops has closed for reasons I can't understand, it seemed popular enough.. It was never really empty. Same thing happened to Mojo's... Now I am left with either Austin Java Co. or the Book People Cafe. They're just so much farther from my house, and since I don't want to drive, it makes it much more of a journey to get here; especially seeing as there is no bus that will drop you off near here that is easy to take from where I live.

That is really the only problem with it, that and the fact that there are like FOUR or FIVE Starbucks within a five block radius of UT campus... Oh well, fight on valiant local coffee shops still left in existence...

Tired of unfaithful partners?

Read this article, it's interesting, and at the same time rediculous!